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Catching up!

How's it going! I apologize for being a smidge absent lately, I was focusing on school and getting good grades! So far, I have achieved that and I got a 4.0 GPA for the semester, still maintaining my cumulative 4.0 GPA at the University of Alabama!

Some Updates:

  • I was awarded the Windgate Charitable Foundation Endowed Studio Arts Scholarship

  • My work was featured in the Marr's Field Journal, in volume 31

  • Currently I am taking a Special Projects class that is focussing on printing, stitching, and dyeing on fabric, it is quite fun!


I decided to post more art related videos on my Tiktok, so I hope to be able to use that as a platform for sharing my work. I am interested in creating process-based Youtube videos of some ways to create while at home--such as with a collagraph. Below is my recent video of me carving into linoleum for a relief print! This is for my 408 Special Projects class. If anyone has the time, I would definitely recommend learning about printmaking!


Since I have one year left as an undergrad, I am trying to figure out a reason I why am creating art and or a thesis for next year. I am playing around with the idea of representational versus non representational art and why personally I feel as though my non representational art is not as worthy as my representational art. Regardless, I am still making the work, and whether it is deemed worthy of attention is besides the point of creation. If anyone has any recommendations or artists that cover this idea, I am all ears! Also, I am hoping to implement printmaking and painting together in my thesis show, so if there are artists that would be beneficial to me, I would also greatly appreciate it.


In my class this summer, we are give reading material to further inspire us. I want to take my own noted on the readings and then notes from the discussion, then post them on here. I will also be taking pictures and posting my progress pictures tomorrow! Stay tuned!

As always, don't compare yourself


"all nighter", linocut print

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