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First Monotype

For my first monotype I wanted to be loose and not constricted in ideas. The idea I decided on was a person wearing a face mask below their nose with text on the mask saying "Am I wearing this right?"

Story: I went to Sonic with my friend and the woman who came out with our food said to us "am I still required to wear a mask?" and I genuinely understood that Alabama has a whole different mind set.

I usually don't like making "political" pieces, but this situation really baffled me in that the general population is skewed into thinking that their freedoms don't have consequences. Had I been immunodeficient, the woman wouldn't have known, and thus made me susceptible to the virus. I understand that people do not like wearing face masks, seriously, I get it, it sucks. To completely disregard the health and well-being of others, and label those who follow the rules as "sheep" is selfish. There is no excuse. The lack of disregard to others, in settings that could be avoided, is inhumane. I plan on refining my monoprint more to make it visually more appealing to me, however, I really enjoyed making this piece.

Stay tuned for the update, possibly this weekend, most like on Monday :)

Don't compare,



This is my initial sketch to my idea. I really like the cross hatching in the "pockets" of the face.
Initial Sketch

The image is relatively more saturated with black than I thought. I also realized that the removal of ink is important when it comes to texture--I should've paid more attention to the smoothness of the face. I love the creepiness of it, but I definitely need to be more conservative with the ink.
First Monoprint Pull

I really liked the pull, it reminds me of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's "At the Moulin Rouge" for some reason.
Ghost Monoprint Pull

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