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Greetings: It's been a while

Updated: May 5, 2020

Hello, my friends. Welcome back and I want to apologize for my hiatus. Below is an update on my life.

End of the semester, already?

It is sad to think that the end of my freshman year is almost over. I have had an absolutely amazing time at the University of Alabama and I don't want to leave. This semester, specifically, I took 17 credit hours worth of classes; Art History, Drawing, English, German, Painting, and 2-D Design.

My favorite class is still painting. The whole semester we worked with oil paint, which is easily my favorite medium! However, I have enjoyed many other moments in my other classes too. Critiques are less hurtful now due to the underlying idea that they lead to personal growth. Although nerve-wracking, everyone in the art field must go through them, making me feel more relaxed when I present my work.

Friend wise, I have met so many amazing people and artists! My sorority allowed me to meet girls in different majors, who are all my biggest support system. They've given me a sense of home away from home and I cannot be more thankful for them. In my major, inspiration comes easy with all the talented people and work I get exposed to daily. I am disappointed that I only have half of the year with my classmates, but that makes it more rewarding to be their friend.

Artwork in creation

Current projects I am working on include printmaking, two paintings, and a pop-up book. I am slightly concerned with time, but my excitement to complete my projects should help me. Regardless, time crunches always help me problem solve. Printmaking has been an adventure, and I really want to get better at it so I am taking a printmaking class next semester. This current project is a self does not look like me. But, hey, that is okay because I am still learning from it. I joined a printmaking club, so I am excited to explore different techniques in there without the grade attached. My paintings are of a reflective-surface still life and a chair. Yes, a chair! The chair is almost a self-portrait since the chair must be one we "connect" with per se. What I am really excited for, however, is the book I am going to create. We will see where it takes me, I have no clue what it will turn into! I've always loved artwork where you can touch it, I have always invited my friends to touch the surface of my paintings (after they have dried), so I cannot wait to bring my work to life.

Plans for my website

I am thinking of taking pictures of all the work I created throughout the year, then creating an album for that. As well as changing around to make it more professional, less gimmicky. I have observed many art portfolios online and they're pretty simple. I want to simplify the look and the actions available on the website without losing some of my individuality with it! Color themes will remain the same, though!


I want to thank everyone who has helped me become a better artist and gave me confidence in my craft! It is intimidating seeing many of the talented people who are in this world, and with that comes discouragement. My support system gives me so much strength. They remind me that it is okay to have doubts, but to always push through. I hope that the advice I give to people is beneficial and that one day I can be an inspiration to others, until then, everyone I meet is my inspiration!


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