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Happy Snow Day

Today was a snow day here at the University of Alabama, and I barely did anything :). The morning was just rainy and damp, but in the evening it actually did start snowing. Surprisingly enough, it will not go above freezing at all tomorrow, or so it is forecasted. I will probably be up late working on some of my painting class projects, so I'll post those eventually! This post might be a long one, but a fun one! Thanks for checking in!


To start, Monotype:

I redid the monotype of the girl with the face mask below her nose and I am genuinely pleased with it. My professor even took a picture of it for record keeping :) (ngl felt kinda cool to know that)! Anyway, we're are going to start working with color and oil sticks the next time I pop in the print room--maybe tomorrow, or maybe Thursday, depending on the weather and lithography. I am still having an issue with noses, so if I have time in the future, I might redo this again just to get the face right. I think I did a good job with the understanding of pulling the ink away to create depth and texture (eyes and eyebrows).

Masked Monoprint

Masked Monoprint Ghost

Masked Plate moments before cleaning

I thought I would add a fun little picture of the acrylic plate with the solvent on it to capture what the plate looked like, since I forgot to do that in the first place before printing. I really like the splatter spots where the oily ink started to lift!


On to Lithography!

The ball really started rolling with lithography over the past weekend. I managed to not only finish my drawing, but also completed the etching, wash, second etching, and roll up. These are all fancy-ish terms meaning that my stone is ready to print. This process was so interesting to experience and I am very lucky that it was offered during my time here in undergrad! I've attached a few photos documenting different stages, but my instagram definitely has more detail! (disclaimer: photos to not detail the order or process of lithography, they're just some photos I took for documentation.)

Inked up Stone (ready to print)

Washed Stone (removed waxy drawing) with Etching

Stone with Asphaltum

So far, I am really enjoying both of my printmaking classes this semester and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the semester brings!

Here's a fun pic of me I took while waiting for my stone to dry with the etching on, I think I might use it as my bio picture for now until I get good headshot of myself!

I hope everyone is warm and safe during this polar vortex (all but Florida, since Florida was forgotten lol). Let me know if you have any feedback and or questions, and don't forget to follow my instagram (@licwinkoart) for more first-hand experience of my art-making! Have a lovely day!

Don't compare,


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