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Hello friends!

Here is a mini update of the things I've been working on. I'm sticking to just printmaking today again.

I have completed my prints for lithography and now I am ready to draw a new image on the stone. The process goes by really quickly when I step back and think about it. I think it was the fact that we were learning how to do it that made it seem slower. In monotype, I have been cranking out some pieces. I've worked recently with these oil sticks, which I enjoy, however, I'm not really getting a desirable look in my pieces (at least to me). I ordered some new colors that came in today, in hopes that the less vibrant colors will allow me to take a chill pill and create a piece that's decent.

First Pull (paintstiks)

Ghost print (paintstiks)

I was just messing around with this piece, I am not too fond of the colors mixing, but I like the marks. I'm hoping to return to this piece/composition another day with a better understanding of the materials and colors.

Smeared Monotype :(
Reworked Smeared Monotype :}
Ghost Smeared Monotype

These three were just a big disappointment to me. I attempted to make a glass, which obviously didn't work too well. I decided to make another monotype after this piece because I was so bummed out by the outcome. I learned from this that the press will smoosh your oil paintstik around if you add too much on the plate--you have been warned.

Childhood Monotype
Ghost Childhood Monotype

These two were something I put together real quick at the end of class. It's about my dad. Once again, we did smear, but I'm not too sad about the smear, as it almost brings more direction to the piece. It is safe to say this past Tuesday was not my printmaking day :)

Ghost of Jealousy

I wasn't happy with my work on Tuesday, so after work I felt an inkling of inspiration and jumped into the studio. Here I'm trying to represent the overpowering nature jealous has over the issue at hand, whether it be art, or just mainly existing. I find that I get myself stuck when I compare myself. So here is a piece that criticizes my mind. I hope you enjoy.

Thank you for reading and don't compare,

- J

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