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Staying Up to Date

I want to incorporate writing into my pieces and the best way to not have crummy writing is to actually write. In my printmaking classes my professor assigned us a reading called "Bird by Bird", and if there are any artists that are stuck or need to feel less like "I'm a terrible artist because my work isn't perfect," I cannot recommend this enough.

For this semester, I am taking 15 credit hours -- 416 painting seminar (two sections), 352 Early Christian Byzantine Art, 321 Lithography, and 325 Monotype. I currently am in the process of making a few paintings, I made one monotype (which I love), and I am on my way to transferring my design onto my litho stone--its funny because litho is stone, so I said stone stone.

Besides school, I currently have two jobs. I am still working at the Sarah Moody Gallery as a Gallery Guard and I took on another job at I Love Juice Bar-- for some extra cash. I chose to overbook myself this semester because I did get a dog and I am currently in the market for a used car.

My dog is a pug named Klaus (you should follow him on Instagram @imklausthepug) and honestly he's such a sweetheart. I can't wait to see what adventures we will get ourselves into over the next couple years. But for now, it is finishing out strong at the University of Alabama.

After this semester I only have one year left and then I am officially a college graduate. Post-graduation is currently up in the air because I am not entirely sure the direction I want to take my life. I was recently looking into law school. There is a sector of law called art law--specifically for artists and museums. I think it would be a good opportunity, but I don't know if I ready to give up creating and becoming an artist. I feel that I don't have a concentration or style yet, which results in comparing myself to the other students in my class. My boss has told me countless times to not compare, but it's relatively easy when there are only 3 people (including me) in painting seminar who are planning their lives in front of me. Regardless, I'll need to figure out a plan to try and cope with the spinning brain that sits on my very tired shoulders.

I hope anyone that reads this has a lovely week and I'll be sure to hop back on here soon! I'm going to start putting don't compare yourself as a sign off in hopes that it'll go through my head eventually :) !

Don't compare yourself,


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