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Welcome to the New and Improved


Since coming to college I've changed, meaning it is time for an updated website. My plan is to become more interactive, especially with this blog. Along with that, I want to post more videos on my Youtube channel.

My art technique has grown and I want to upload any breadth work I am creating. Sometimes It is difficult for me to post my work, but that is definitely something I need to overcome.

The University of Alabama has amazing instructors and I have learned plenty of techniques that I previously haven't before (of course, that's the reason you came to college, duh, Jocelyn).

Anyway, this Spring I am taking a Painting, 2-D Design, and 200-level Drawing course. Time management of these, along with German, Art History, and English, is slightly difficult. Nevertheless, I am making it through--scratch that, I am thriving (as my friends would put it)!

I have amazing family, friends and support systems, who encourage me to keep pursuing a career in art (especially when it gets stressful and difficult). I can't wait to see what things will change, and how I will develop artistically!


My friends; The University of Alabama

ps. I am putting this in the Wednesday Updates category, I know this was not posted on Wednesday. Sorry my timing for renovation was not in correspondence to the day of the week.

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